The dictionary.com defines polyglot as:

pol•y•glot [pol-ee-glot]  – adjective 1. able to speak or write several languages; multilingual. 2. containing, composed of, or written in several languages: apolyglot Bible. noun – 3. a mixture or confusion of languages. 4. a person who speaks, writes, or reads a number of languages. 5. a book, especially a Bible, containing the same text in several languages.

Consequently, polyglots are those people who speak or write in several languages in a high proficiency level. So how many languages should a person speaks to be call as a polyglot? Well, there is no consensus on this number, but most people would say at least four, but then again some people go far as seven.

Nowadays a new term has emerged: “hyperpolyglot”. Again, there is not agreement about the number of languages a hyperpolyglot should speak, but the number is among 6 to 11 different languages.

Polyglots are genius?

I don’t think you must be a genius to be a polyglot, but you definitely need to be a NERD. If you want to learn a new language you must spend a few hundred hours studying it. But studying a language can be very different and more entertain than the usual sit and read approach. The truth key of success is having a strong motivation to learn.

And this is our goal: help and motivate you to learn a new language.


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