Learn by Osmosis

Osmosis is a biological term, which describes “the tendency of a fluid, usually water, to pass through a semipermeable membrane into a solution where the solvent concentration is higher, thus equalizing the concentrations of materials on either side of the membrane”, this process do not require input of energy.

Osmosis it’s also a word used to describe a situation when you learn something without really seeking that knowledge. The gain of knowledge happens through assimilation, in a natural pace and without conscious effort.

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Study Methods for Foreign Language Learners – Part 3

Now let’s talk about the materials available for self-learners.



The complete course costs about US$ 200 and the basic one about US$ 30. Does worth the price? Well, if you’re a disciplined person, sure. Linguaphone method follows this simple methodology: to listen,to understand and to speak.

There is more than one type of course, and you should be aware of the differences.

The PDQ Course aims those people who want learn the basics, contains 4 CDs and the vocabulary guide.

The All Talk series contains 16 CDs and a small vocabulary guide. Aims people who doesn’t have regular time to study and affirm take the learner to the intermediate level.

The PDQ and AllTalk series are the cheaper, but I do not recommend them. The older versions would be a much better purchase, but they are a little bit hard to find. The series below are currently the best courses from Linguaphone:

The Complete CD Course and the 2nd Stage CD course; both courses claim take the student to the advanced/expert level. Besides the CDs they also have textbooks ad exercise books.

Positive aspects: you can study almost anywhere and covers multiple aspects of the language. The pronunciation is clear. Apparently, the older courses are better, so if you have the chance buy the books of the 50’s to 70’s.

Negative aspects: Learners describes that the new series like PDQ are for “tourist” type of student, as they not deepening in the main aspects of the language. Besides that, some students complain that isn’t an easy course for beginners and have a fast pace, with not enough repetition. It’s only available for the main languages. And the audio only courses aren’t good as the traditional material.


Teach Yourself series are available in several languages (60) and that is probably the series major quality. Compare to others methods it’s also cheaper, the price range between US$10-US$ 70, however some courses can be a little bit more expensive. Continue reading

Study Methods for Foreign Language Learners – Part 2

Language Schools

There is not much to talk about, it is is the most common and in my opinion not very efficient way to learn a language. You take years to become fluent and spend too much money. Others students can delay your progress. Also, a lot of schools focus on a grammar approach and hardly people communicate fully.

The positive site about school is when there is a good teacher and you’re starting to learn a Continue reading

Which language to choose? A Practical Point of View

European Day of Languages


Great! You have decided to learn a new language, but you still don’t know which one. What aspects you should reflect on?

Study Material / Schools

There are means to learn this language? If you use internet you can learn almost any language. But and others materials? Continue reading

Why learn a foreign language?

There are several reasons to learn a new language; they can be for intellectual reasons, cultural, instrumental or even financial. Let’s see some of these reasons that can motivate you to start and keep up your studies.


Language is an essential part of a country’s culture. In short, to understand the “other”, you must understand how they express themselves. If you are interested in some particular aspect of a country (movies, sports, music, literature, arts …) the best way to fully learn the subject is to understand the language of that country, also because the majority of materials on this particular subject will be probably in that language.

Emigration and Tourism

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