How to Practice – Finding a Language Buddy

Well, you’re a self-taught student, have already gone through the basics of the language, but you don’t have anyone to practice? Your problems are over!

There are several websites that help you to find a partner to talk with. Here I will list some of them.


Busuu – The site provides mini-courses for 12 languages. Besides enabling you to search for language buddies, you can create your own community, make friends and chat with them online.

Livemocha – You can register for free, basic level lessons are also free, but only paying for more advanced features. Still, you can find someone to share experiences, and have your lessons corrected by native speakers. The great advantage of the site is that there are classes of at least 32 languages.

Mixxer – This is a very simple website. After you register, you can search for a partner and contact he/she by skype. 100% free.

SharedTalk – It belongs to the Rosetta Stone. It’s a site to meet people and talk online by text or voice.

My Language Exchange – can exchange contacts, is not my favorite website, but you can always find someone.

Italki– It is an easy to use site, provides the usual functionalities like the search for partners and groups, but the big difference between Italki and others websites in that Italki offer also a search for language tutors, who charge each one they own price, per hour, many of the teachers look qualified.

Tip: Always make it clear what you want to learn and that you really want to learn. Combine also how the the contact will be made e which is the best way to help and be helped.

For girls: unfortunately, some people registered in these websites are not interested in language learning, instead they are looking after someone in a romantic or sexual purpose, so if you just want to learn a language, let it clear at the first contact. It may be better to lie saying that you already have a boyfriend. But if you want a virtual boyfriend abroad, may also find.

It’s always good to highlight: in the Worldwide you can be talking to anyone.

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