Famous and Polyglots

They are no only famous, they are also Polyglots Nerds!!!!!

5 – Natalie Portman (1981) – The actress has as native languages English and Hebrew. She studied German, French, and Japanese at university. She doesn’t think she has fluency in the Japanese language.

post 11 - natalia portman
4 – Gene Simmons (1949): singer, bassist and founder of the hard rock band Kiss. Continue reading

Finding time to study

Often, after a busy day of work, it is difficult to find time to study a language. But actually, you don’t need to sit on a chair and spend hours studying, you can learn in chunks.

During housework

While you are preparing a meal, cleaning the house, car or garden you can put an mp3 player and train your vocabulary. Or you can repeat the words aloud; do not be afraid to look stupid talking to yourself. Do not know what to say? Say the objects, colors, anything in front of you or use your imagination. You can also stick post-it notes to the objects with their names in the target language.
Even listening to the audio, you do not pay attention? Continue reading