Finding time to study

Often, after a busy day of work, it is difficult to find time to study a language. But actually, you don’t need to sit on a chair and spend hours studying, you can learn in chunks.

During housework

While you are preparing a meal, cleaning the house, car or garden you can put an mp3 player and train your vocabulary. Or you can repeat the words aloud; do not be afraid to look stupid talking to yourself. Do not know what to say? Say the objects, colors, anything in front of you or use your imagination. You can also stick post-it notes to the objects with their names in the target language.
Even listening to the audio, you do not pay attention?
No problem, at least you’ll get the rhythm, the cadence of the language, which will facilitate your studies in the long term.

During your commute to work

If you have to go to school or work, how long does it take you? For me it takes me at least 1h30m, to study during this period can lead to rapid progress. You can read, write or listen to mp3 player (in the bus or subway) or you can listen to a CD or mp3 player (in the car).


You can use flashcards or small notebooks with notes about the language; it can be vocabulary, grammar points… The golden rule is to make short and simple, so you can have them in your pocket and use at any time, such as during lunch or in a queue.

Hobbies / Interests

What are yours? Cars, toys, food, music, cinema, literature, television, witchcraft … You must have some, seek for the subjects that most interest you in another languages, it really helps to keep the motivation on to continue studies.

Now, you have no excuses to postpone your language learning.

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