Famous and Polyglots

They are no only famous, they are also Polyglots Nerds!!!!!

5 – Natalie Portman (1981) – The actress has as native languages English and Hebrew. She studied German, French, and Japanese at university. She doesn’t think she has fluency in the Japanese language.

post 11 - natalia portman
4 – Gene Simmons (1949): singer, bassist and founder of the hard rock band Kiss. Despite the use of exaggerated makeup in the music performances of the band Kiss, Simmons is a nerd, he can speak English, German, Hungarian and Hebrew.

post 11 - gene simmons


3 – Dolph Lundgren (1956): the Swedish actor became famous for the movies Rocky IV, Masters of the Universe (as He-Man) and the Punisher. He speaks Swedish, German, French, Spanish and English and knows a little bit of Japanese and Italian.

post 11 - dolph lundgren

2 – Audrey Hepburn (1929-1993): The actress and model world-famous for the movies My Fair Lady and Breakfast at Tiffany’s spoke Spanish, German, Dutch, French, English and Italian.

post 11 - audrey hepburn


1 – Pope Benedict XVI (1927): The Pope (soon former) mastered six languages: German, Italian, French, Spanish, English and Latin. When he was in Brazil he communicated in Portuguese, but he doesn’t speak fluently. Besides that, he can read in Old Greek and Hebrew and knows some Polish.

post 11 - pope benedict


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