The GOOD and bad news

Unfortunately, the blog has been abandoned in the past couple weeks.

For three main reasons:


  1. I have a lot of work;
  2. I’ve been studying a lot, and
  3. I’m planning my vacation 😀

But of course nothing is wasted!! And my vacation it’s not only a simple holiday. It is a period that I can study languages​​, and besides that, practice them too!

So in the coming weeks I won’t post anything new, but when I come back from, I’ll write at least two brand new posts:

  • About how was to use the new language daily, and
  • About the Polyglot Conference, the first conference of its kind, which will likely generate more than one post.

So, folks, just wait!!

Will definitely be worth it!!

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Polyglot Nerd creator, love foreign cultures and learning languages. Speak: English, Portuguese and Spanish. Learning: French
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