Brazilian Music

The last post was about Spanish music, so today, of course I going to talk about some Brazilian artists.

I particularly like the pop-rock bands that emerged in the 80s. But I going to put here different music genres.

Legião Urbana – Faroeste Caboclo

Legião was a band that emerged in the 80s and ended in 1996 with the death of the lead singer Renato Russo, one of the most talented songwriters that Brazil has ever had. The lyrics deal with various topics, such as politics, love, sexuality … The compositions are very well made and are worth it.

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Music is the universal language of mankind – Songs in Spanish

Music is the universal language of mankind. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

This quote inspired me to write this post. Music is one of the best ways to improve pronunciation, vocabulary and listening of the language.

Here are some artists who sing Spanish:


The first song I learned in Spanish was “Estoy aquí” by Shakira. At this time she was not even blonde. Shakira is a name extremely important for Latin music and her sound goes far beyond “Hips Don’t Lie”. I recommend the album “Pies Descalzos”, my favorite.

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