(Lack of) motivation to learn languages

Last month I had a few changes in my personal and professional life, besides I’m focused on other matters. As a result: stress, lack of concentration and motivation to study languages. As consequence: I also abandoned the blog.

Bored Polyglot Nerd

Lack of motivation can make it difficult to study and retain new content.

My first attempt to encourage my studies was to participate for the first time in the “6 week challenge”, August 2013 edition:

http://how-to-learn-any-language.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=36518&PN=1&TPN=5 # 455234

I signed up to study French, because my level in this language is still between the beginner and intermediate level. I thought that a healthy competition would encourage me to study more, but, of course, did not work.

You can check my poor performance on twitter: @polyglotnerd or in the website: http://6wc.learnlangs.com/

Given such lack motivation to study and to avoid losing contact with the language I follow the subsequent strategies:

• I watch TV

Although I haven’t been studying hard, I keep in contact with the language watching DVDs. I take notes of the words which I don’t know and then look for the meaning and examples on the internet.

• I review materials that I have already seen

Revise something costs a lot less for the brain than to learn something new. Sometimes it becomes a little boring, but it’s good to reinforce knowledge.

•I use Duolingo

The app Duolingo is very easy to use and is reasonably fun. At each level the difficulty increases a bit, a great way to kill time and to learn a little.

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