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Since last week I’m trying to keep record of my studies to keep control over my studies and to keep me motivated and is working perfectly!!

I’ve tried keeping records before, but it did not work. Before, I used this great chart I found on the HTLAL forum and was made by ChristopherB. The table is great, especially to record how many hours I study, but does not let me put exactly the material I used, as you can see below:

This is the chart I found on HTLAL

This is the chart I found on HTLAL

And this week, I discovered that this registration is extremely important. To make this documentation, I use an amazing technology: a datebook. And to know the hours I spend on each activity I still using the table.

Why use the calendar makes the difference?

Writing my goals early in the morning helps to motivate me and makes me more determined.

At night when you I see I fulfilled my goals of the day and put on the agenda it feels great to see I have accomplished what I had planned.

But if I didn’t come close to reach the goals of the day, I feel bad. And I think the calendar gets ugly with the line meaning: non-accomplishment.

So, to keep and show that my motivation is back, starting next Monday , I’ll post on twitter what I did to improve my Spanish and French , and what methods are being use.

See you Monday on twitter!

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