Explaining my study routine

As I said in my last post, since Monday (10/07) I’m putting what I’m studying on twitter to anyone curious.

Materials and Methods



For grammar I use a book in the traditional form.  A book with a lot of exercises to fill blanks and verb conjugation.

I am currently using the workbook “Diccionario práctico de gramática “.

Some materials I use: FSI French, DVDs in Spanish, Ipod and grammar books.

Some materials I use: FSI French, DVDs in Spanish, Ipod and grammar books.


To improve my level of understanding I do the following activities:

– I watch TV or DVDs in Spanish. If the subtitle is available, I watch subtitled. I take notes of unknown words and later I look for the meaning and examples in the dictionary or on the web.

– I listen to the radio in Spanish; I usually listen to the programs of Radio España.

– I listen to podcasts, most likely Coffee Break Spanish and SpanishPod101

– I extract audios from movies and TV shows, I put on my Ipod and listen to the dialogues .

Note: I do not count music as a listening exercise, because I usually know most of the songs I listen, so I ended up learning by heart the majority of lyrics. But, of course, listening to music helps a lot to improve the understanding of the language. And I recommend as a method.


To practice writing, I choose some text online, from a newspaper or anything that interests me and I do a Spanish version of the text. Then, I use the online translator, I compare, see what I like best or what seems more natural in Spanish. If a word or phrase from the text made by the translator online seems better, I change that part of my text. For words that left me unsatisfied I look for a more appropriate translation in the dictionary. But only after my Spanish version is ready.

After the text has been corrected and revised, I rewrite it.


For reading, I access some site in Spanish , usually the newspaper El País, I choose a text and read aloud. The unknown words or words that for some reason seems interesting to me I copy on my computer, later I look for the meaning, then I put on paper. I never write just the word alone, I always use the whole sentence to know the context in which it was used.


To learn multiple skills at the same time, I use 3 different programs, they are complementary to me:

• Assimil

• Duolingo

• FSI French

I will not do a review of them now, because I intend to do something more detailed in another post.


To train my listening I always watch TV or DVDs with subtitles. As I do when I study Spanish I extract the audio from movies or series. Also, I listen to the audio from the FSI French (without doing the exercises and not looking at the book ) and of course, I also listen to Assimil .


I do not create text or write freely in French. I just copy choose texts, phrases, exrcises and write it down.

A good day of study.

A good day of study.

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