Movies in Spanish – Part One

Finally, the post I’ve been planning for over a month. Sorry guys :(!

Thus, as the first post of French films was special, the first post of films in Spanish will also be special. Instead of an actor, this post will have only movies from the Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar.

Movies from Almodóvar: I never know which one to choose.

Movies from Almodóvar: I never know which one to choose.

Los amantes pasajeros – I’M So Excited!

The latest film from the Spanish director is quite atypical. With an exaggerate tone of comedy, “I’m So Excited!” tells the story of passengers and employees in a flight between Spain and Mexico, which has problems on one of the landing gears, for this reason the captain (Antonio de la Torre) is forced to fly in circles. During this period, all economy class passengers are doped and the action takes place between the cockpit and the first class. In this scenario, several revelations are made by the characters, especially about their sexuality.

La piel que habito – The Skin I Live In

A film that divided critics, but I quite enjoyed it despite some problems of narrative, “The Skin I Live In” tells the story of a plastic surgeon Robert Ledgard (Antonio Banderas) who after an accident with his wife, started to research the creation of artificial skin. After the suicide of his wife, his daughter Norma (Suárez Bianca) becomes a traumatized girl. Norma goes to a wedding, there she knows Vicente (Jan Cornet) that take her to the garden and supposedly rapes her. Already traumatized, Norma condition gets worse, as she thinks it was her father who caused her harm. Irate for what happened to his daughter, Roberto prepares a laborious plan for revenge.


Volver has a very “light” script for the director Almodóvar, it tells the story of the beautiful Raimunda (Penélope Cruz) a working and attractive young mother,  who has an unemployed husband and  a teenager daughter. Facing financial problems, Raimunda accumulates several jobs. One day when she comes home to find her husband dead by her daughter. The girl stabbed him after he tried to rape her. On the same night, Raimunda gets a call from her sister Sole (Lola Dueñas) with the news of the death of their aunt Paula (Yohana Cobo). Detained from going to the funeral, Raimunda tries to get a solution for the death of her husband, while her sister discovers a secret when preparing their aunt’s funeral.

La mala Educación – Bad Education

A very intense film and with strong criticism of pedophilia inside the Catholic Church ; “Bad Education” tells the story of Ignacio Rodriguez (Gael García Bernal), a young actor who searches his childhood friend Goded Enrique (Fele Martínez) now a filmmaker with a screenplay based on their childhood. The screenplay titled “The Visit” relates the experiences of abuse that Ignacio suffered in school committed by their literature teacher, Father Manolo (Daniel Giménez Cacho). During the film’s production, Goded discovers more secrets, while Ignacio confrontates Father Manolo, about the past.

Hable con Ella – Talk To Her

The story takes place in Madrid, where the nurse Benigno Martin lives (Javier Cámara), whose apartment faces the ballet academy of Katerina Bilova (Geraldine Chaplin). From his apartment he always looks at the ballet’s student Alicia Roncero (Leonor Watling). When Alicia is injured in a car accident, she ends up in the hospital where he works. Benigno takes care of her, who is in a coma, with a special care. There, he meets Marco Zuluaga (Dario Grandinetti), a journalist who routinely visits the bullfighter girlfriend, who is also in a coma.

Todo sobre mi madre – All About My Mother

On his birthday, Esteban (Eloy Azorin) gains as a gift from his mother, Manuela (Cecilia Roth), a ticket to the new theater plays “Streetcar Named Desire” starring Huma Rojo (Marisa Paredes). Being a big fan of the actress, the young tries to get an autograph from Huma after the show, and ends up being run over and dies. Manuela then goes to Barcelona, ​​after the boy’s father to tell him the news. Esteban’s father is a transvestite named Lola (Toni Canto) who never knew of the existence of his son, during the journey Manuela also meets the transvestite Agrado (Antonia San Juan), the nun Rosa (Penélope Cruz) and the actress Huma Rojo.

Carne Trémula – Live Flesh

“Live Flesh” explores the relationships of love and loss telling the story of Victor (Liberto Rabal) who was born inside a bus in 1970. After twenty years, Victor tries to meet Elena (Francesca Neri), a woman he had met a week earlier and had his first sexual intercourse. When he calls and appears in her building, she confuses him with someone else and let him in, but when she realizes who it he was, she tries to send Victor away, threatening him with a weapon. A shot is fired and the neighbor calls the police. Two cops, David (Javier Bardem) and Sancho (Jose Sancho) appear. In this situation, Victor panics and threatens Elena pointing the gun in her head. In this confusion, Sancho jumps on Victor and they fight for the gun, a shot is fired and reaches David, who becomes paralyzed. Victor is given six-year prison sentence. Meanwhile, David and Elena got married, and Sancho and his wife Clara (Angela Molina), live an unhappy marriage. On leaving prison, Victor wishes to clarify the truth about the past, entangling himself back in everybody’s lives.

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