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In September I’ll be on vacation and I don’t know how often I’ll post.

So, I’m inviting anyone who is interested in writing a guest post. The text may be written in English, Portuguese or Spanish, and if necessary, I’ll translate it.

To contact me just leave a message on the contact page that will answer within 48 hours.

How to improve reading and listening at the same time – Part 1: Audiobooks and Podcasts

Studying using resources that improve my reading and listening at the same time is my favorite way to learn. You get two skills at the same time and one helps to improve the other. Sometimes you heard a word, you know what it means, but you can’t write. And then, you look this word as you hear in context and this helps to memorize. The reverse is also common, you know a word you’re reading, you know the meaning, but never heard. When you hear it, you discover the correct pronunciation and memorize easier.

Therefore, using this method is ideal since the beginning of learning process, mainly to avoid bad pronunciation vices, which are later difficult to be corrected.

This is one of the main reasons why I like to use Assimil. However, the Assimil course don’t need to be your only resource, as well as reading you can use alternative methods.

In the first part of this post I will talk about two easy ways of finding material; in the second I will explain how I do my own material that helps me a lot. Continue reading

Danish films

The Passion of Marie – Balladen om Marie

Marie Krøyer portrays the life of the Danish painters P.S. Krøyer (Søren Sætter-Lassen) and Marie Krøyer (Birgitte Hjort Sørensen). Marie dreams of being a painter as talented as her husband. The couple lives in high society parties and appears to have the perfect life. However, P.S. is bipolar and syphilitic; and his nervous wrecks becomes more serious. Gradually Marie drifts apart from her husband and on a trip she meets the Swedish composer Hugo Alfvén (Sverrir Gudnason). Marie falls in love with him and will have to choose between her new love or her exuberant life with her husband and daughter.

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How to improve reading in a foreign language – Part 2: Parallel/Bilingual Texts

Continuing with the subject of last week, let’s talk about how to improve reading.

The graded reader books are great for beginners and people who love literature classics and suspense stories. But, to achieve a high level in any language you need a more diverse vocabulary. To acquire this type of vocabulary while reading, I will present another strategy for someone who hasn’t domain of the language yet. Continue reading

Movies in Arabic

Captain  Abud Raed- كابتنأبورائد

Abud Raed (Nadim Sawalha) is a janitor in the local airport who knows the world only through books. One day, he finds a pilot’s cap in the trash and start using it. Mistaken for a pilot by the neighborhood’s children Abud Raed begins to tell his invented adventures around the world, bringing hope to children who live a harsh reality.

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