How to improve listening and reading at the same time – Part 2

Finally the second part of the post

Previously, I showed the most common ways to improve reading and listening at the same time. I’d rather hear natural dialogues than dialogues in language courses.
The way that is most effective for me is to extract the audio and dialogues from movies and TV shows.

First Step

The first step is to extract the film’s audio, there are many good and free programs to do this. Some of these programs split the audio into several parts; I prefer to work with programs that don’t split the audio.

The programs I usually use are:

After extracting the audio you can clean noises and moments without speech, decrease the size or change the type of audio.

To change the type of audio I use: Format Factory or MediaConverter

To edit the audio I use: Audacity

With the audio extracted is time to arrange the subtitle.

There are some free programs that extract the subtitle, but I haven’t found any really good. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

As I don’t use use any software to extract subtitles, I search for the subtitles I want online. My favorite website to find subtitles is OpenSubtitles

Usually, subtitles have different synchronization times. After I extracted the audio and selected the subtitle I put the subtitle in a text editor. You can do the way you prefer, I do as follows:

el laberintodelfaunosub

As a result, I can stop the audio at any time without losing where I was.

It helps me a lot to read the sentence, while I listen it. I can stop the audio and take notes and I can still repeat if I want. The dialogue is natural and the audio have good quality.

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