Swedish Movies

The Best Intentions – Den goda viljan

Henrik Bergman (Samuel Fröler) is a poor theology student who falls in love for the sister of his best friend, Anna Åkerbloom (Pernilla August), a young, modern and smart woman. The long film tells the story of the parents of Ingmar Bergman, from the day they met until the marriage, showing the difficulties of the married life in the interior of Sweden, until the return to Uppsala.

Eat, sleep, die- Äta sova dö

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Tips to choosing a private tutor

Searching a way to learn a language faster we hire private tutors, to make the right choice several aspects must be pondered.

1. Qualification and Experience

The most important part is to verify the teachers’ qualifications. The teacher has some kind of technical or higher education or just attended a regular language course? The person has a certificate of proficiency in languages from an accredited institution? Did he/she make a course to be a language teacher?

Does your teacher has a diploma?

The second point to be checked is how much experience the teacher has and if he keeps himself updated. Usually, the more experience the person is, the more efficient is the teaching, since he realizes how the student learns, as well as the qualities and flaws of them faster. However, some experienced teachers don’t search new subjects and texts and don’t keep themselves updated. Continue reading

Korean Movies

Oldboy – Oldeuboi – 올드보이

The beginning of the film takes place in 1988; Oh Dae-su (Choi Min-sik) is a common man who is taken to a police station for being drunk. Upon leaving, he calls home from a phone booth and then vanishes; leaving as only clue the birthday gift he had bought for his daughter. Shortly after, he wakes up in a hotel room where there is only a TV and a door by which he receives food, he also breathes a gas that makes him sleep. Through the TV news he discovers that he is the prime suspect of his wife’s murder. As time passed, he adapts to the darkness of his room and begins to prepare his body and mind to survive the punishment that he is being obliged to comply without knowing the reason.

Lady Vengeance – Chinjulhan geomjasshi – 친절한 금자씨

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