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The Best Intentions – Den goda viljan

Henrik Bergman (Samuel Fröler) is a poor theology student who falls in love for the sister of his best friend, Anna Åkerbloom (Pernilla August), a young, modern and smart woman. The long film tells the story of the parents of Ingmar Bergman, from the day they met until the marriage, showing the difficulties of the married life in the interior of Sweden, until the return to Uppsala.

Eat, sleep, die- Äta sova dö

The film tells the story of young Rasa (Nermina Lukac) who loses her job as vegetables packer. To help her father (Milan Dragisic), who is ill, Rasa tries everything to find some income, but soon discovers that this won’t be easy, with the bad economic scenario and for being a girl who is Balkan descendant.

Simple Simon – I rymden finns inga känslor

The film tells the relationship between Simon (Bill Skarsgård), a young autistic man and his brother Sam (Martin Wallström) who is the only person who can deal with his problems; for this reason, Simon moves to live with his ​​brother Sam and his girlfriend Frida (Sofie Hamilton), who cannot deal with Simon and breaks up with Sam. To get things back to normal, Simon begins to seek a new perfect girlfriend for his brother.

The Reunion – Återträffen

Anna Odell directed, wrote and starred as herself in this movie. Anna is not invited to a meeting of her former classmates. Then she makes a movie about what could have happened if she had gone to the meeting, confronting her former colleagues who practiced bullying with her. Once the movie is ready, she shows it to her former colleagues and films their reactions.

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Sanctuary – Faro

The police are after a single father (Jakob Cedergren) suspected of murder. If the man is arrested his daughter, Hella (Christiansson Clara, will be placed in foster care. To avoid this, they run off to the forest. There, despite police persecution, they live a free and sincere relationship.

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