Goal for November

My goal for November is to do my first proficiency test. I chose to do DELE (Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language). So, I decided to try the level C1.


Description of the level and of the exam

The DELE C1 diploma proves that the student’s progress with the language has been successful and that he or she has a higher than advanced level of Spanish.

This diploma certifies the linguistic ability to understand and recognize implicit meaning in a wide variety of lengthy, difficult texts. It also certifies the ability to express oneself fluently and spontaneously without showing any signs of making any unnatural effort to find appropriate expressions, and to make flexible, effective use of Spanish within social, academic and professional contexts. Finally, the diploma certifies the ability to produce clear texts; correct in structure and detail, written about complex topics, and showing the correct use of organization mechanisms, articulation and cohesiveness.

The exam to obtain the DELE C1 certificate is made up of four tests, structured in two groups (Group 1: tests 1 and 3. Group 2: tests 2 and 4):

Test 1: Reading comprehension and language use

(90 minutes).

This test is made up of 5 tasks in which the candidate must respond to multiple choice options about texts of about 700 words: The candidate will have to select paragraphs missing from another text; locate specific information in a group of short texts, and finally complete a text using options that are provided.

Test 2: Listening comprehension and use of language

(50 minutes).

This test is made up of 4 tasks in which the candidate must complete sentences taken from an oral text (4 min, 2 listenings) using options that are provided; the candidate must also identify, by multiple choice, the intention or attitude in 4 conversations: understand the main idea of what is said in an interview or discussion (4 min. 2 listenings), and finally, he or she must understand the pragmatic and sociolinguistic connotations in 10 brief dialogues (2 listenings).

Test 3: Integrated skills. Listening and expression comprehension and written interaction

(80 minutes).

This test is made up of 2 tasks in which the candidate will have to write either an argumentative or expository text to be about 250 words in length and based on an oral text of a professional or academic nature (4 min.) to be listened to twice. In the second task a formal text will be written, about 250 words in length, and written in an argumentative or epistolary style based on a written press or academic document.

Test 4: Integrated skills. Reading comprehension and oral expression and interaction

(20 minutes) (and 20 minutes for preparation), plus two oral improvisation tasks.

This test is made up of 3 tasks in which the candidate will have to first, (with 20 min. for preparation) orally summarize and present an academic, professional or public written text (800 words) in a 4 minute monologue; then the candidate will respond to questions and comments from the examiner about the monologue from the first task (about 5 min.); and finally, the candidate will have to reach an agreement with the examiner using graphical material that will be provided and by following specific written instructions.

Now it’s time to study

Wish me luck

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