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Pregúntale a Mónica

In this podcast the psychologist Monica Bulnes de Lara answers and guides her listeners. The public sends her questions via Facebook or email. The most common issues are parenting and romantic relationships. Usually, she makes two half-hour episodes per week. In a single episode she discusses several listeners’ questions.

SER Historia

As the name implies, this podcast will cover historical topics, facts and characters. The podcast is led by Nacho Ares, but there is always a specialized guest in a particular subject. The podcast has several sections: Agenda, where they talk about the latest news and exhibitions; Museos, where María Belchi goes to museums throughout Spain to discover the history; Cine e historia, a section about historical films; and Personajes de Leyenda, where Jonathan Gil Munoz introduces us to individuals who somehow changed history.

A cierta distancia

Presented by Rafa Panadero; this podcast talks about various subjects on current policy. With very complex issues, the podcast tries to present an overview of quite a few controversial issues.

Documentos RNE

Presented by Juan Carlos Soriano, “Documents” talks about current events or people in recent history with depth. Done in documentary format, each week the podcast receives great experts in various subjects. Examples of recent podcast topics: viruses, Tarzan, urbanism, Altamira, the painter “El Greco”, “El Lute”, mars…

Alimento y Salud

Presented by Teo Sánchez this podcast talks about food and its consequences on human health. Food myths are destroyed; laws, diets and food security are also discussed. They give plenty of advice on how to handle food and the dangers of substances added to the aliments by the food industry.


Presented by Alvaro Soto, “Nómadas” take us to different corners of the world through sounds, music and testimonials. At each visit we get to know a little about each place, its history, cuisine, cinema, nature, architecture, customs, and many curiosities.

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