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Inspired by the true story of Thor Heyerdahl, the film shows the Kon-Tiki expedition. Thor Heyerdahl (Pål Sverre Hagen) believed that Polynesia was first occupied by the people of South America. To prove his theory, he built a small raft, with the same materials of centuries ago, and he went on this trip with five friends.

Kiss Me You Fucking Moron – Kyss meg for faen i helvete

Teenagers of an amateur theater group want to make a Jon Fosse’s play. For this, they ask a famous actor in decline to help.

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Ingrid (Ellen Dorrit Petersen) lost her sight recently and isolated herself  in the safety of her apartment, alone with her husband and her thoughts. Over time, the fantasies she creates start to taking over her life.

Trailer subtitled in Portuguese

Oslo, August 31st – Oslo, 31. august

Anders (Anders Danielsen Lie) lives in a recovery clinic and is allowed to leave the clinic for a day to go to a job interview. In Oslo, he takes the day off to visit old friends.

Chasing the Wind – Jag etter vind

10 years after he fled, Anna (Marie Blokhus) returns to her hometown for the funeral of her grandmother. There, she is forced to face her past, the reasons which led her to escape and the difficult relationship she maintains with her grandfather and her former boyfriend.

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