Japanese Animation Movies – Studio Ghibli – Part 1

Kiki’s Delivery Service – Majo no Takkyūbin – 魔女 の 宅急便

Kiki is a 13 years witch in training and following witches’ tradition, she leaves her village with her cat Jiji. She arrives in Koriko, after some misadventures she founds shelter and work in a bakery shop. The film explores the difficulties that growth brings, as well talent and creativity issues.

Princess Mononoke – Mononoke Hime – も の の け 姫

A demon gets in the body of a boar and invades the village of Emishi, a noble people whose population is disappearing. Ashitaka, the prince fight with the wild boar and wins, but he’s cursed after being injured. For this reason, Ashitaka leaves his people looking for the Great Spirit, who can cure him. In the West, he meets San, the Princess Mononoke, who was raised by a tribe of gods-wolf and she is in war against the humans who want to destroy the forest. Ashitaka is forced to enter this war and discover the reason he was cursed.

Spirited Away – Sen to Chihiro in Kamikakushi – 千 と 千尋 の 神 隠 し

The Ogino family is moving, Akio and Yuko are excited about the trip, but their daughter, Chihiro, is upset at having to leave her memories and friends. In taking a shortcut, they end up in front of a huge red building, where an infinite tunnel yawns with a giant mouth. Attracted by curiosity, the three walk through the tunnel. There, they find a mysterious and deserted city. After walking a few steps, Akio and Yuko spot a juicy feast and begin to devour it. Chihiro leave her parents for a moment, when she rushes back she discovers that they became pigs. Alone, Chihiro must find a way to save her parents and leave the city.

The Cat Returns – Neko no Ongaeshi – 猫 の 恩 返 し

The film tells the story of Haru, a lazy girl that one day saves a cat from getting hit. In the same night, she receives the visit of the King of Cats that invites her to his kingdom. The king intends to make her a cat, for her to marry his son, the Prince Lune.

The Wind Rises – Kaze Tachinu – 風 立 ち ぬ

The Wind Rises tells the fictionalized biography of the aircraft designer Jiro Horikoshi, that since childhood dreams of building airplanes. As an adult, he saves the life of Naoko, in a train accident. Years later, he finds the girl, who has tuberculosis, from there; he divides his time between his two great passions: Naoko and aviation.

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