Greek Movies

Miss Violence

Aggeliki (Chloe Acorn) jump off the balcony on her 11th birthday with a disturbing smile. The family denies the suicide; they claim that was an accident and continue with their routine. There is an investigation, but apparently there is nothing wrong with the family. As the days pass, the disturbing relationship between the family members is exposed and the reason of Aggelilki’s suicide is revealed.

Little England – Μικρά Αγγλία

The 30s, on the small island of Andros, Greece live two sisters, daughters of a captain: Orsa (Pinelopi Tsilika) and Moscha (Sofia Kokkali). On this island, most women are married to sailors. Orsa dreams with marrying the future captain Spyros Matabes (Andreas Konstantinou), with whom she holds secret meetings. But Moscha wants to leave the island because she doesn’t want to be a sailor’s wife. Regardless of their desires; the person who will decide their future is their greedy mother.

Boy Eating the Bird’s Food – Το Αγόρι Τρώει το Φαγητό του Πουλιού

Based on the novel “Hunger” of Norwegian writer Knut Hamsun; Boy Eating the Bird’s Food portrays an unemployed and lonely young man who does anything to eat, from stealing  food to eating his bird’s food.

Eternity and a Day – Μια αιωνιότητα και μια μέρα

Alexandre (Bruno Ganz), a famous writer is ill and has not long to live. He prepares to leave his home and finds old letters from his wife Anne (Isabelle Renauld), about a summer day. On the same day, he saves an Albanian boy (Achileas Skevis). While preparing to move, he relives his past through the letters and tries to live the present helping the little boy to cross the border.

Trailer subtitled in Spanish

Meteora – Μετέωρα

In an isolated Byzantine monastery live Theodoros (Theo Alexander), a Greek monk, and Urania (Tamila Koulieva-Karantinaki), a Russian nun; they develop a warmth relationship. And in this cold and quiet environment, both start to question the choices they’ve made in life.

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