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To understand the culture of a country, nothing is better than to mix music and cinema. To know some great Brazilian artists, you should watch the following movies.

Cazuza – O Tempo Nao Para – Cazuza: Time Doesn’t Stop

The film tells the story of the singer Cazuza (Daniel de Oliveira), the beginning of his career, the success with the band “Barão Vermelho”, until the singer’s death in 1990, at the age 32, victim of the AIDS. A brilliant composer and one of the greatest Brazilian artists; if you like music, you have to know him.

Music genre: MPB, rock, punk

Cassia Eller

A timid woman, but an intense monster on the stage. This documentary shows the various facets of this artist. Angry, shy, rebellious, romantic, masculine, feminine. There are not enough adjectives to describe this powerful performer.

Music genre: rock, blues, grunge, MPB, samba, forró

Trailer not subtitled

Tim Maia

Biopic of the singer Tim Maia (Robson Nunes / Babu Santana), the movie shows briefly Tim’s childhood, the trip to the United States, the return to Brazil, the difficulties to find success and his death at age 55. The story is told through the narration of a fictional friend of Tim Maia, Fabio (Cauã Reymond).

Music genre: soul, funk, disco, MPB, bossa nova

Trailer not subtitled

Somos Tão Jovens

The film portrays the youth of Renato Russo (Thiago Mendonça) from his move to Brasília in 1973. At the time he suffered from a rare disease, epiphysiolysis, which left him in a wheelchair after an operation, back then he spent most of his time listening to music. After that, he get to know the punk rock and begins to get involved in the music scene of Brasília, where he starts the band “Aborto Elétrico” and later “Legião Urbana”, becoming one of the most respected singer-songwriters of Brazil.

Music genre: punk, rock

Trailer not subtitled

Simonal – Ninguem Sabe o Duro Que Dei – Simonal: No One Knows How Tough it Was

This documentary shows the path of Simonal, a former corporal of the Army to a singer of great success in the late 60’s. When he was accused of collaborating with the military dictatorship, Simonal was put aside by the Brazilian media.

Music genre: Tea-cha, calypso, rock, doo-wop, bossa nova, MPB, samba, soul

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