Movies + Music – Brazil – Part 2

After making the first post on biopics of Brazilian musicians, a passion was stimulated, so I decided to do a series of posts about the Brazilian cinema. Today, the second part of Movies + Music – Brazil follows.

Raul – O Início, o Fim e o Meio

In the form of documentary, the film shows the path of Raul Seixas, the controversy “Sociedade Alternativa” and the partnership with Paulo Coelho. The movie features testimonials from colleagues, ex-wives, family members, musicians and critics.

Music genre: Rock, rockabilly, ballad, country rock, folk, MPB

Trailer not subtitled

Gonzaga de Pai Pra Filho

Gonzaguinha recorded tapes with testimony from his father Gonzagão about his life. Based on these tapes the stories of Gonzaga and Gonzaguinha are told. The difficult life in the outback, the years in the Army, the arrival in Rio, the difficulties of the early days and the success achieved. Success that resulted in Gonzaguinha being raised away from his father, and that resulted in a complicated relationship between these two talented men and of strong personalities.

Music genre: baião, forró

Trailer not subtitled

A Música Segundo Tom Jobim – The Music According to Antonio Carlos Jobim

A documentary different from the usual. Here the director rather than portraying the life of Tom Jobim, from childhood to death, he shows what really matters: the work of Tom Jobim. This is done through a collection of performances and collaborations with artists of all kinds and nationalities, showing the importance of Jobim to the world music.

Music genre: Bossa Nova, MPB, samba

Trailer not subtitled


Two actors reconstruct and narrate the steps of Vinicius de Moraes, his evolution as a poet and as a composer, his relationships with several women and the partnership with Tom Jobim.

Music genre: Bossa Nova, MPB, samba

Rock Brasília: Era de Ouro

This documentary talks about the emergence of rock bands in Brasília, in the late ’70s and early’ 80s. Full of interviews with musicians and family members, we get to know the origin of the band “Aborto Elétrico”. And, the bursts of bands that emerged after that: Legião Urbana,  Capital Inicial and Plebe Rude. All having as background, the Brazilian political scene.

Music genre: rock, punk

Trailer not subtitled

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