Brazilian Movies

Tropa de Elite – Elite Squad

The film shows the training and the daily life of the BOPE police, in Rio de Janeiro. Captain Nascimento (Wagner Moura) is responsible for the unit and wants to leave it, but first he needs to find a substitute. At the same time, we follow two friends, who are trying to enter the unit.

O homem que copiava – The Man Who Copied

André (Lázaro Ramos) is a young black man who works in a small shop making copies. One day he starts to observe his neighbor (Leandra Leal) with binoculars. In order to meet her, he goes to the store where she works and pretends to be interested in a dress, but he can’t afford to buy it. Now, he needs to find a way to get the money.

O Auto Da Compadecida – A Dog’s Will

An auto is typically a medieval play with biblical or allegorical argument. This auto tells the story of João Grilo (Matthew Natchergaele), a poor liar, and Chico (Selton Mello), the most cowardly of men. Together, they deceive and cheat to make money. The pair are destined to hell, but salvation may be possible with the intervention of Virgin Mary (Fernanda Montenegro), the compassionate.

Trailer not subtitled

Praia do Futuro – Futuro Beach

Donato (Wagner Moura) works as a lifeguard on a beach of Ceará. His younger brother, Ayrton (Jesuit Barbosa), has great admiration for him, but is afraid of the sea. Donato saves the life of a German Konrad (Clemens Schick) and ends up going with him to Berlin, leaving his family in Brazil.

Cidade de Deus – City Of God

Buscapé (Alexandre Rodrigues) lives in Cidade de Deus, one of the most violent favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Passionate about photography, he uses his talent to tell the daily life of the favela.

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