Movies about Brazilian personalities

This time the post will be on great Brazilian characters outside of the music world. A president, a princess, a Formula 1 racer, a writer and a medium. Several characters from the same country.

Nao Pare Na Pista: A Melhor Historia de Paulo Coelho – Paulo Coelho’s Best Story

The film about Paulo Coelho shows in a non-linearly way, three different moments of the writer’s life. Paulo Coelho as a teenager (Ravel Andrade), who has a conflicted relationship with his parents. He as an adult (Julio Andrade), in search of himself and collaborating with Raul Seixas and, he already mature, successful, redoing the Camino de Santiago.


Getúlio Vargas (Tony Ramos) was the most controversial president of Brazil. The most loved and the most hated. A dictator and a people’s man. The film portrays the last 19 days of Getúlio; amid a political crisis and the threat of a coup by his political enemies.

Trailer not subtitled


Ayrton Senna was one of the greatest Formula 1 racers in history. The documentary shows his trajectory from the first team in Formula 1 until his tragic death in 1994. Like other documentaries, this one is full of testimonials, but we only hear the voices, something that gives strength to the images shown.

Carlota Joaquina – Princesa do Brasil – Carlota Joaquina, Princess of Brazil

The Spanish Infant Carlota Joaquina (Marieta Severo) was forced to marry the prince of Portugal (Marco Nanini). Years later, to escape of Napoleon’s troops, the Portuguese court flees to Brazil and Carlota is obliged to go to “hell”, against her will.

Chico Xavier

Since childhood, Chico Xavier (Matheus Costa) sees and hears spirits; people close to him do not believe in his visions. As an adult (Angelo Antonio), he begins to incorporate the spirits and to psychograph letters. The medium quickly becomes famous, and crowds throng outside his home to consult him or criticize him. Chico Xavier is also questioned by the media and is on the TV show “Pinga-Fogo” that he’ll face his critics and will change the lives of those around him.

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