Movies about Brazilian personalities – Part 2

For now, the last post on Brazilian films. This time we will get to know a capoeirista, a soccer player, a child actor, a revolutionary and an artist of the colonial era.

Besouro – The Assailant

In Bahia the black community continues to be treated as slaves and their traditions are not allowed, including the capoeira. The Master Alípio (Macalé) tries to keep the tradition alive and chooses Besouro (Ailton Carmo) as his successor. And Besouro, after the murder of Master Alípio, will follow the instructions of his master defending his people against prejudice.

Garrincha – Estrela Solitária – Garrincha: Lonely Star

In 1980, the star of the Mangueira samba school parade is Garrincha. Through the eyes of friends and lovers, we know the various facets of Garrincha. The film highlights his rise in Botafogo and in the Brazilian national team; and the romance with the singer Elza Soares.

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Quem matou Pixote? – Who Killed Pixote??

Pixote, whose real name was Fernando Ramos da Silva became famous in 1980, when he starred the movie “Pixote“. But after the success, he couldn’t find an acting job due the fact he was semi-illiterate. Influenced by his brothers, he gets involved with crime.


This documentary shows the trajectory of Carlos Marighella, the main enemy of the military dictatorship in Brazil. The film was directed by his niece, and in addition to showing the history of the communist leader also presents a bit of the private life of Marighella.

Trailer in Portuguese

Aleijadinho: Paixao, Gloria E Suplício

In the eighteenth century, in the colonial Brazil era, the city of Ouro Preto prospers thanks to the discovery of gold and sumptuous churches are built; in this environment is born a great artist, Aleijadinho, who is stricken by a mysterious illness. The story of Antonio Francisco Lisboa, Aleijadinho, is told through the eyes of his daughter in law; a story that mixes man and legend.

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