5 true clichés about the French

After living in France for two months, I noticed that some clichés about French people are real.

They love baguette, cheese and wine

C'est pas faux

Any market has a huge variety of wines and cheese. In France they say they have a cheese for every day of the year. And, in the morning and in the late afternoon, in the “boulangeries” is still very common to see French with theirs baguettes under the arm.

They always have a strong opinions on any subject


To discuss anything in France it seemed almost a national sport; they love to give opinions on politics and religion, subjects taboo in other countries.

They are slim, but eat well


For me, something inexplicable, French eat things full of butter and fat. They don’t exercise, but it’s still hard to see an obese on the cities streets.

They do not like to be addressed in English


Before, French didn’t speak any English. Today, most part of the younger population, particularly in the big cities, speaks English. However, that doesn’t mean they like to be addressed in English. To make them speak English, approach them in a bad French … Worse than speaking English is having to hear a bad French.

They smoke a lot? Sí, pero no

cest la vie

An old cliché seen in many films seems real. Statically, in France people don’t smoke more than in other European countries. But, the impression I got and that other foreigners have is that they did smoke a lot. Perhaps, the reason is that the anti-smoking laws are not severely punished, maybe, is because we see many young people smoking. Possibly, the cliché helps, anyway, the impression that foreigners have is that this is a real cliché.

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