My favorite podcasts in French

I’ve done a post about my favorite podcasts in Spanish, now I will speak about podcasts in French. Most of these podcasts aren’t to learn the language; these podcasts are for those who already have a good level of understanding in the language.

Français Authentique

Johan is the creator of “Français Authentique”, he has a French course with 7 basic rules. The podcasts are free and constantly updated. Typically, podcasts are on French expressions, but, he also talks a little about his personal life and travels. Johan speaks slowly, he pronounces the words clearly and he repeats a lot the same expressions and words, a great podcast to improve your understanding of French.

Les nouveaux chemins de la connaissance

Led by Adele Van Reeth, the podcast treats in a complete and philosophically way complexes issues, bringing a new look to old subjects. Some of the topics already covered in the podcast were the Koran, the law, the desire, the happiness and great philosophers like Voltaire and Bergson.


Au cœur de l’histoire

Led by Franck Ferrand, the podcast is divided into two parts. At first, Franck Ferrand introduces briefly the subject. In the second part, Franck and a special guest discuss the historical fact or character of the day.

Affaires sensibles

In this podcast, Fabrice Drouelle account events that marked the last fifty years. The themes are varied: Ayrton Senna’s death, the Thalatine operation against Somali pirates, the Paris-Dakar rally, the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II.

Ta gueule

In just 3 minutes, the teacher Alexleserveur explains with humor common errors people make in French grammar or the misuse of words.

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