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Profile pic crop VladimirToday I’m starting a series of interviews with polyglots.

The first interviewed is Vladimir Skultety from, he is an interpreter and translator of Mandarin Chinese, Slovak and English. In his blog he writes about language learning, especially Mandarin Chinese learning.

He also has a very cool YouTube channel, you can check it here.

  1. What languages do you speak and at what level?

English, Czech, Slovak – native level

Chinese, German, Italian, Russian, Hungarian – C1/C2 level

Spanish, French – B2 level

Polish, Serbian, Portuguese – B1 level

Farsi – A2 level

  1. How do you choose the languages you learn?

There are always several reasons, but usually the main one is attraction (to music, charismatic people, culture, history etc.).

  1. When did you begin learning each language?

I was learning languages since I was a little child. I grew up in a bi/trilingual household and learned English and German by the age of 12 and continued learning languages until today.

  1. How often do you use each language?

It depends on the language. Some I use only a few times a year (Polish, Serbian), some I use daily (Chinese, English, Italian).

  1. Which materials and methods do you use?

It would be too much to write in this short interview, but I try to practice speaking as much as possible as soon as possible. In order to achieve that I try to understand the language on my own, by reading regular books with a dictionary trying to figure out grammar patterns and learn words and listening to vloggers doing the same thing. The idea is to have enough passive knowledge of the language to start speaking – first to myself and then to native speakers. I try to observe myself and native speakers as much as I can and adjust things on the go.

  1. Share any thoughts/tips you’d like with the readers.

Listen to vloggers. They speak about what they do, where they’ve been and what they think about a wide range of topics, which is exactly what you need to learn how to say.

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