Review of the course Mission Europe

One of the first courses I completed when I was studying French was the course “Mission Europe: Paris”. With German, it was no different. In just one day I finished “Mission Europe: Berlin“.

Mission Europe are courses developed with the support of the European Union to promote three languages: French, German and Polish. Currently, the courses can be found on the Deutsche Welle website.

The course is aimed at A1 level students, and has always as background a mystery story that works like a video game, where you earn points or lost lives. There are 26 lessons that last 5 minutes each.

mission europe

Mission Paris

The French course was developed with the support of the broadcaster RFI France. In the French course, the main character is Eva, who is in Paris and doesn’t know French. An explosion occurs in the “Gare de l’Est” and a man before dying gives her a series of numbers; this is the first clue to solve the mystery. While Eva tries to solve the riddle she passes through several famous sights of the City of Light.

Mission Berlin

The German course was designed with the support of the broadcaster Deutsche Welle. The main character here is Anna, who is in a hotel room in Berlin; she is awake to give a testimony about a murder that took place in the hotel. In the bathroom mirror, a strange message brings the solution of the mystery and while Anna cannot solve it, she has to escape from mysterious bikers.

Misja Kraków

I didn’t do the Polish course, but I’d like it, just out of curiosity. This time the character is in the old Polish capital, Kraków, Suzanna’s in a boat and when she wakes up she receives the mission to go to an old castle and open a camera to find out how to save Poland from a catastrophe.

Positive points

  • It’s free
  • Easy course, even for beginners
  • Short lessons, you just can get bored with lessons that last 5 minutes
  • The dialogues’ scripts are available for all episodes
  • The course is available on iTunes and RSS
  • The format and history of the courses are interesting.
  • Along with the story there are always cultural and historical information

Negative points

  • Audios have too much English
  • The course doesn’t continue


As a beginner in the German language I liked a lot of this course. As stated before, it is a course for beginners, so it’s not so interesting for people with advanced levels in  the language. However, the course may function as a short review. In addition, for those who like to know the history and culture of these countries is an excellent choice. Too bad that they didn’t continue the course and stopped at such a basic level. As the course is free, it costs nothing to download it  and try it out.

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