How to keep the inactive languages

As I said before, I don’t like to study two languages ​​at the same time. Personally, I need to dedicate as much time as possible to the language I’m learning and it’s hard to do that with two languages ​​at the same time. But, that doesn’t mean that I stay away from the languages I don’t actively study. I try to keep a minimum contact with the languages ​​that are inactive, but in a way that they don’t interfere in the language that I am studying. The way I found to do that is using my “dead” time, leisure time or at work (if that don’t disturb me). Below, I list how.

Listening to music

When I listen to music, I almost never listen to songs in Portuguese, 95% of the time I listen to music in French, English or Spanish. As I’m still at the beginning of German, I still don’t listen to music in this language. Almost always, I listen to music when I’m commuting, on the bus and in the subway, as it helps to distract me along the way, does not require much attention and it’s nice.

Movies and TV shows

As I said before, it was my addiction to series that made me learn English. Years later, the addiction keeps strong and I always watch to movies and TV shows in the original language, never dubbed. Another easy way to keep me in touch with another language, without studying it.


I always listen to podcasts in French and Spanish. Usually I listen to my favorite podcasts when I’m working and I know that will not disturb me or before bed, for some reason, these podcasts relax me and I fall asleep easier while listening to them, the only problem is that I almost never finish the episodes.


I love reading, and reading in another language is an easy and enjoyable activity. If possible, I try to read in other languages. Whenever I travel, I stop at a bookstore to buy books in other languages. The vocabulary is often more difficult than the daily vocabulary, but nothing that prevent me to understand the book.

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Writing for me is the more difficult activity and the activity that I like the least to do in a foreign language. For that reason, I have a version in Spanish and another in English of my blog. I use the blog to force me to practice writing in these two languages.

Information on the Internet

I often seek information on the Internet in English, because information in English is more extensive. When I want information from a specific country, about their culture or some character of its history, I seek in that specific language (if I know, of course). So, for example, if I want to know about Queen Isabel, I seek in Spanish. If I want to know about the terrorist attacks in France, I search in French.

And you, how do you keep the languages ​​that you aren’t studying?

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