Christmas gifts for polyglots

We are almost a month away from Christmas and polyglots, like everyone else, love to receive Christmas presents, but in a more nerdy way. Check out some tips to give a present to a polyglot friend, son, partner or even yourself.

  1. Assimil

Assimil is one of my favorite methods; you can check my review of the French course here. The course focus on dialogues with few grammatical explanations. All dialogs are translated in the other side of the page. Each course has its own dialogues. For Francophones, there are over 70 languages courses available, so it is probably the reason that Assimil is the most popular course in France. For English speakers, there are only 12 languages ​​courses available, for Spanish speakers there are 13 courses and for Portuguese speakers there are only 5 courses.

  1. Teach Yourself

The Teach Yourself courses are more similar to traditional courses. In addition to dialogues with audio, Teach Yourself also has grammar explanations and some exercises. There are several Teach Yourself courses and they have one of the most complete catalogs of languages ​​that exist. For the series “Complete” there are courses available in more than 50 languages, including ancient languages ​​such as ancient Greek and biblical Hebrew. As for the more advanced courses, there are only 3 languages courses. Another option is to do the online courses also available in more than 50 languages.

  1. Colloquial

The series of books Colloquial is very similar to the Teach Yourself courses, including the large number of languages available. Besides that, some languages ​​have a second level, more advanced.

  1. Pimsleur

The Pimsleur is an audio-focused method. Each course has 30 audio of abou 30 minutes each. There is only one small reading booklet accompanied with audio to aid pronunciation. The dialogues of different languages ​​are virtually identical. The course is available in 50 languages ​​for English speakers; for Spanish-speakers and Portuguese-speaker the program is available in English only.

  1. Italki classes

An interesting option is to  give italki lessons. You can buy a gift card here, there are gift cards of 20, 50 or 100 dollars.

  1. Book Babel No More: The Search for the World’s Most Extraordinary Language Learners by Michael Erard

This book, available only in English, Russian, Arabic and Korean, and soon in French and Chinese, is my favorite about language learning. The book does not teach the secret of how to learn languages, but the journalist and writer Michael Erard makes a profound investigation about hyperpolyglots from today’s and yesterday’s, including the famous Italian Cardinal Giuseppe Mezzofanti.

babel no more


7.   Bilingual books

I have done a post about bilingual books, they are great for learning languages ​​and gaining culture at the same time, from classics to modern authors, there are several options available.

  1. Monolingual Books

If you are already at a more advanced level, you can read your favorite books in other languages, how about reading Tintin or The Little Prince in French, Harry Potter in Spanish, or the trilogy Millennium in Swedish or the Hunger Games trilogy in German?

  1. Magnetic words

The company Magnetic Poetry has a huge group of fun magnets that help creativity. The kits have several themes, but obviously, we are interested in magnets of others languages, that are available in seven different languages: Spanish Kit, French, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, German and Dutch. And, of course, several kits in English.

  1. Michael Thomas

Michael Thomas was a linguist and language professor ​​that created an audio-based method. In this method, an instructor teaches two students. I.e., you will heard the students’ right and wrong answers, additionally, they doubts are also solved and you evolve with them.

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