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Everybody knows I love American series, but there are good series that are not in English. Here are some of them.

Deutschland 83

Language: German

In 1983, during the Cold War, a young East German soldier is chosen to spy a West German official who has information about US plans to install missiles in the West Germany.


Languages: Spanish and English

Narcos is an American series, but mostly spoken in Spanish. This series portrays the life of Pablo Escobar, the Medellin Cartel and the work of the DEA to catch Pablo Escobar.

Les Revenants – The Returned

Language: French

This French series was released at 2012 in France and was a hit. The series has its American version called The Returned, that was cancelled after one season. In the series dead people start to reappear in a small French village. They don’t know they’re dead and why they’ve been brought back from the dead. While they try to resume their lives, weird phenomena will start to happen around the city.

Hatufim – Prisoners Of War

Languages: Hebrew and Arabic

Hatufim (Prisoners of War in English) is an Israeli series that inspired the American series Homeland. But, the stories are very different. In the Israeli series two soldiers are free after 17 years of captivity. While they try to reintegrate their lives, they undergo psychiatric evaluations and military debriefings. During these interviews, some discrepancies in their stories are discovery and now investigators must find out who is lying and why.


Languages: Dutch and French

Salamander is a Belgium series that starts after a robbery happened in a private bank in Brussels. Only marked safe deposit boxes were stolen. These boxes belong to prominent public figures and contain theirs most dark secrets. The owners decide to hide the robbery, but the police inspector Paul Gerardi will do everything in his power to discover the truth behind the robbery.

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