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This is my third review of a Deutsche Welle´s course. Here’s the review of the Mission Europe course and here of the course Radio D.

The course

The Audiotrainer is the simplest course of Deutsche Welle, the course has two main objectives: to help improve pronunciation and to gain vocabulary.

AudiotrainerThe course structure is quite simple. There are 100 lessons that have an audio file and a text. Each lesson focuses on a theme or grammatical structure. And, each audio lasts about 5 minutes. In this course, unlike others, there aren’t dialogs. The phrase is said once in English and twice in German. In the first lessons, the site offers a PDF file with all the vocabulary presented in the audio. Later, the PDF files don´t come with all the completed sentences, so the students must do “fill in the blanks” exercises.

I did not do this exercise to fill in the blanks. Instead, I searched the internet for the complete sentences and found on the site who collaborated with Deutsche Welle to elaborate this course. At the Goethe-Verlag website you can find all the phrases in German. Or, you can buy the bilingual book on Amazon.

Positive points

  • It’s free like all courses offered by the Deutsche Welle website
  • It’s available in several languages
  • Good course to help pronunciation

In the course of Portuguese, there were two times, that the person who speaks in Portuguese made a mistake and asked to repeat the phrase and that part of the mistake was not edited. Something that doesn’t affect learning, but still a lack of attention.

Negative points

  • On the site, the answers of the exercises are not available
  • Vocabulary is not presented in a context

Final Conclusion

There is not much to talk about the given course as it have a basic structure. I think, it’s a good course to aid pronunciation, since one person speaks a little more slowly and the other at a normal pace.

Regarding vocabulary learning is not so efficient due the lack of context. Some words are never repeated and it would be very difficult to learn vocabulary listening to the word only once. If you already have a basic vocabulary (between 500 and 1000 words) I recommend trying to hear the phrase in your language and trying to speak in German before the narrator. A good way to test your vocabulary.

I recommend for beginners who want to train pronunciation and for false beginners (A2) to help remember and retain vocabulary. Remembering that for this to happen, you will need to listen to the audio several times.

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