10 Comedy YouTube channels in Spanish


I think he is the more famous YouTuber who speaks Spanish. His videos are about any subject with lots of humor. He is Chilean and speaks super fast. If you can understand him, you can understand pretty much any Spanish speaker.

Daiana Hernández

This is one of the few channels presented by a woman. Daiana Hernández is an Argentinian girl who does parodies about daily situations. What I think is hilarious in her videos is the participation of her parents.


Are you looking for a well-made channel in Spanish? Check it out this channel with three good Spaniards comedians.


Looking for short videos? This Ecuadorian channel has great sketches, some of them of only a few seconds.


Presented by Beto and Samuel. Great channel to hear the Mexican accent and to learn slangs.


Another Mexican channel with lots of videos about daily situations.


Another Mexican channel, but this time made by a girl. As most Youtubers, she talks about her daily life with lots of humors.


In this channel you can get used to the Peruvian accent. This channel has the same style of the previous ones.


This Chilean channel is a bit different. They not only have sketches, but also mini-series. Besides that, they are professional actors (at least they look like).


This is another Peruvian channel that uses “fail” videos to talk about pretty much anything.

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