Duolingo German: weird and funny phrases 2

Duolingo has sometimes weird phrases, check it out the first post about it, here.

1.I do agree that my phone is a great place!

Duolingo german 08

2. This sounds soooo wrong, but who am I to judge?

Duolingo german 09

3. If you say so…

Duolingo German 10

4. I’m glad to see you’re open-minded Duo

Duolingo German 12

5. Have you been smoking, Duo?

Duolingo German 14

6. I don’t know, but he should!

Duolingo German 15

7. But not humble!

Duolingo German 16

8. Yeah, I know that, you are a hiperpolyglot, I got it!

Duolingo German 17

9. That’s cool!

Duolingo German 18

10. That is not cool!!! It’s called bullying Duo!

Duolingo German 19

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