10 French humor channels on YouTube


Cyprien is a young French Youtuber, with more 8 million subscribers, he is the number in any list about French Youtubers.

Studio Bagel

Studio Bagel is an enterprise that brings together eleven French humorists. If you want a channel that brings well-made and amusing videos, this is the place.


Kemar is one of the members of the Studio Bagel. But he has his own channel on YouTube and there you can see that he knows how to be humorous by himself.

Antoine Daniel (What The Cut)

Antoine searches deeply in the web for the more bizarre things to comment to. He finds some unbelievable stuff. Unfortunately, the channel is no longer updated, but is still worth to take a look.


Avoir un chat” – this is the video that made me love Norman and I believe most people. If you have a cat, you have to look at his video.

Parole de chat

Talking about cats, what about a channel where cats are the main starts? Check this great channel where cats are dubbed. The best part? The videos are subtitled in English.


Rémi is a crazy guy who likes challenges. Besides that, he is super talented with a soccer ball, he does incredible things.

Avner & Vous

Avner is a creative YouTuber who does lots of trolling and challenges. Is one of those channels where you spend lots of time.


Another member of the Studio Bagel, Mister V is the youngest of successful French YouTubers. Check his unique view of things in his channel.


INERNET is like others channels with lots of sketches, you should check they series with fake interviews.

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