Sum of 2015 and Goals for 2016

As I wrote here, I had three main goals related to languages in 2015. They were:

  • Achieve advanced level in French.
  • Start learning German
  • To work on the language learning area

Based on my 2015 results, I would say that I accomplish only half of my goals. I improved my French and I have the B2 level. When I started the year, I wanted C1, although I did not reach this level, I’m fairly satisfied with a B2.

I did start to learn German, pretty simple goal, but I have been taking very seriously.

My last goal was a total failure. I knew would be difficult, but I still wanna that!

Sun set in Everest-2

Based on my 2015 results, I still have a lot to work on and I’ll basically keep with my 2015 goals. My main goals are:

  • To reach B2 level in German.
  • My second goal is to find a job related to languages.

And, my mini-goals are: keep my Spanish and French levels. Find some way to improve my weak skills in English: grammar and pronunciation.

Wish me luck!

And, what about you? What are your goals for 2016?

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  1. Good luck with your goals! 😉

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