Bestsellers in Brazil – January 2016

For the curious, I will show today, the best-selling books in Brazil from earlier this year, excluding books from foreigners. Interestedly, most books are religious/self-help.

  1. Bela Cozinha 2 – Bela Gil

bela cozinha bela gilThis is a book with recipes from Bela Gil program – dishes from the special summer season and from the second and third seasons. Tasty and healthy recipes are created according to Bela Gil view of how our choices about what we eat affects our health, the society and the environment.



  1. Eu Fico Loko 2 – Christian Figueiredo de Caldas

eu fico loko 2This is a book with adolescent narratives. In the book, Christian – a famous youtuber, creator of the channel EU FICO LOKO – tells us stories about his travels, school, parties, girls, friends, family, World Cup … Stories that reveal many untold secrets of the first book.



  1. Nao Se Apega Nao – Isabela Freitas

It all starts with an end-point: the decision to end a relationship with Gustavo, her boyfriend – the dream of every girl. Her friends thought Isabela had gone mad, because, after all, they were a PERFECT couple! But, beneath the surface there was an unfortunate girl, ready to deal with the consequences of her decision to be alone. It was time to rescue her self-esteem, self-confidence and get in touch with her own desires. It sounds easy, but first Isabela must deal with the harassment of her cousin; the temptations of the nightlife and, especially, she has to understand that Prince Charming is an item in short supply.

isabela freitas não se apega não

  1. Não Se Iluda, Não – – Isabela Freitas

In her second book, Isabela Freitas follows up the stories of the characters from “Não se apega, não”. After spending a year alone, Isabela is determined to fulfill her dream of becoming a recognized writer. She decides to started an anonymously blog. In her journal, she vents and talks about friends, enemies and love life. During a vacation in Costa do Sauipe, she knows Gabriel, a perfect guy, except for one small detail … Isabela fights against an increasingly feeling: the attraction to her best friend. And now?

  1. Philia – Padre Marcelo

Livro-Philia-Padre-Marcelo-RossiIn this book, the priest Marcelo Rossi talks about depression and other disorders such as anxiety, fear, sadness, pessimism, guilt, addiction, envy, jealousy, anger, ingratitude and self-image. The Father talks about these evils, suggests specific prayers to fight them, recommends reflections from excerpts of the Bible and gives practical tips to eliminate them of our lives.


  1. Maria – Rodrigo Alvarez

mariaVirgin, Our Lady the Mother of God. We all know who is Mary, but what’s her story? Little is said about her in the Gospels and in the biblical narratives about the early days of Christianity. However, the history tells us that Mary suffered harsh accusations, was the victim of furious attacks and unknowingly motivated clashes between religious and even emperors. In this biography, the author presents various aspects of one of the most important female figures of all time.         POLYGLOT NERD

  1. Ela Confiou Na Vida – Zíbia Gasparetto

ela confiou na vida zibia gasparettoZibia Gasparetto is the most famous writer of spiritualistic books in Brazil. In this book, she tells the story of Milena, who was afraid to reincarnate. It is harder to be born than die. Dying is returning home, reviewing relatives and friends. To born is having to forget everything, face the energies of the world and the unresolved problems of the past, to develop gifts and to learn the laws of life! Although she had been preparing to rebirth, Milena felt fear, wanted to give up, but it was her time. POLYGLOT NERD

  1. Ruah – Padre Marcelo

ruah padre marceloRuah is a Hebrew word that means wind, spirit, breath, divine breath, the breath of life. In “Ruah” Padre Marcelo Rossi teaches how to keep a healthy life by changing habits and brings a new way to deal with food. He will guide you in the search for a healthier and beneficial life and he will also help to realize that it is important to take care of the body – the temple of the Holy Spirit.


  1. Dois Mundos. Um Herói – RezendeEvil

dois mundos um heroiDois mundos, um herói” is a fantastic adventure that takes you into the world of Minecraft in RezendeEvil company. The shock of waking up on the other side of the screen is big, but the fun is bigger. In this pixels’ world, he finds all his little friends that he created; including a version of himself. And, when a terrible evil threatens to destroy the village, Rezende becomes the only hope. Using his creativity, our hero will have to face with his own hands the enemies whom he was used to win with a keyboard and a mouse.

  1. Muito Mais que Cinco Minutos – Kéfera Buchmann


Kéfera Buchmann, 22 years old, brings together nearly twelve million of followers on her social media. The YouTube channel “5inco minutos” has five million of subscribers and is the fourth most watched in Brazil. In this book, which literally has her face, Kéfera speaks about her life, relationships, bullying, fashion and a number of funny stories which it is impossible not to be identified with.

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