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After a long time, finally a post about movies. You can check the first about German movies here.

Die Welle – The Wave

The film is based in an experiment that occurred in United States. “The Wave” tells the story of a high school teacher that creates a microcosm of an autocracy to show his students how this kind of government works and its consequences. The teacher loses the control of the experiment and the autocratic movement grows inside and outside the school.

Sophie Scholl – The Final Days – Sophie Scholl – Die letzten Tage

The film is about the last days in the life of Sophie Scholl, member of the anti-Nazi resistance group the White Rose. Sophie Scholl was the only female member and was executed, together with her brother, after having distributed leaflets against the Nazi-regimen, in the Munich University, in 1943.


This film was considered the current version of Run Lola Run”. In this movie, a Spanish immigrant that doesn’t speak German meets a group of Berliners when she leaves a club. She flirt with one of them and ends up involved in a risk adventure.

Note: The movie is almost entirely in English.

The Strange Little Cat – Das merkwürdige Kätzchen

This movie shows an ordinary day of a Berliner family. The grown up brothers Karin and Simon visit their parents and their little sister Clara to a special dinner. Besides them, others relatives comes to dinner and the day passes while mundane things and conversations take place.

The White Ribbon – Das weiße Band

Weird accidents and crimes happens in a little village in northem Germany, before the First World War. Who is the responsible for these crimes and what are his goals?

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