My favorite children’s books in German

As I commented in my video 233 days of German, I read many children’s books to help my German. The advantage of children’s books is that they have a simpler language and many illustrations that show what’s going on. My favorite books were from the collection “Wieso? Weshalb? Warum?“. That collection explains to children how the world works in simple language. Storybooks are also interesting, but sometimes vocabulary is not as important for an adult, one reason why I don’t read a lot this kind of book. Nevertheless, I decided to put here a mixture of fiction and non-fiction to please those who like both genders.

livros infantis

Nonfiction Books

wörtebuchMein erstes großes Wörterbuch

This is the book I recommend for those who are starting to learn German today. The book is richly illustrated and quite clear, as it is intended for children for one-year-old. The book follows the pattern of an illustrated dictionary. A photo and a word written down, but mostly  related to children’s world. As I took care of children in Germany, it was very useful to me.

formenFormen und Gegensätze

Suitable for two-year-old children, the book explains forms and antonyms. Triangle, square, big, small. This is the kind of vocabulary that will be found in the book. Ideal for those who just started to learn German. Others of the same level that pleased me were the books about colors and airport.

mein ertes lexiconMein erstes Lexikon

That was my favorite book. It explains a number of themes such as the seasons, the body, the police, fire, plants, animals, etc. Suitable for four-year-old children. It has a wider vocabulary and more complex sentences. Ideal for those who are entering the intermediate level of the German language.


Fiction Books

U_5878_1A_ZUSAMMEN.IND75Zusammen – Daniela Kulot

This book is quite short and simple. He has only one short sentence per page and is suitable for two-year-old children. The vocabulary is extremely simple and the goal of the book is to teach children to live with people differences.

kleine konigDer kleine König – Hedwig Munck

The “kleine König” is a children’s character of immense success in Germany, as well as series of books, there are several CDs and a cartoon on the character. The book I read has several short stories with amusing situations that happen in the castle. The book is suitable for four- year-old children and the structures and vocabularies are bit more complex. I recommend to students who are already at the intermediate level.

Do you know any other German book to children? What children’s books do you recommend from your country?

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