The best articles of May 2016 about languages

Every month I’ll put here interesting articles I read on other websites and newspapers about languages and language learning.


Short-term language learning aids mental agility, study suggests – ScienceDaily

Another study shows us how learning a language can be beneficial to the brain, in just one week.

The languages the world is trying to learn, according to Duolingo – Quartz

Check a map which are the most popular languages of Duolingo application by country and find out why in Sweden the most popular language is Swedish.

The Language Learning Struggle of Bilingual Children– Huffingtonpost – UK

The article tells us what is the greatest difficulty that bilingual children face and how to easily solve the problem.

Google’s machine learning gains natural language understanding – InfoWorld

Google released a new tool that analyzes the structure of human languages, for now the tool works into English.

Effective Language Learning: Listening and Reading – TheLinguist

In this article, Steve Kaufmann explains why he believes that the best way to learn a language is by listening and reading in the target language.

Polyglot gathering – Berlin, 2016 – LanguageLearningJourney

In this article, Maureen (who was interviewed here) summarizes her impressions of the 2016’s Polyglot Gathering that took place in Berlin.

How I Learned Spanish in 4 Months (Without Leaving India) – Fluentin3months

In this blog post, the Indian Amit Schandillia explains what were his strategies to learn Spanish in just 4 months.

Which of these articles is your favorite? What did you read about language learning this past month?

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