The best articles on June 2016 about languages

Read scientific, funny and interesting articles about languages that were published on the web in the last month.


Language of Terror vs. Loving Language – Loving Language

A simple but interesting article showing how the Somali community in Minneapolis is portrayed by the media and the perception of the author on this same community. A great text showing how one approach and intent result in a different experience. The reporter only sought the affirmation of his own point of view, but the author sought to know the people, their culture and language.

9 reasons why Donald Trump should learn Spanish – I will teach you a language

In this humorous article, Olly Richards shows us why the candidate for the American presidency, Donald Trump, should learn Spanish.

Social interaction drives language learning game – PHYS.ORG

Today, there are many apps in the form of games for learning languages, most of them are based on memorizing and vocabulary learning. But, none of them uses an important tool for language learning that is social interaction. In this study from the Cornell University, researchers found that students who interact more in an RPG game learned more Japanese words than those who did not need to interact, showing that social interaction is also important when we learn a language in the virtual world.

Is your German far from ‘gut’? Blame your DNA: Language gene accounts for nearly 50% of success in learning a foreign tongue – Daily Mail

There has always been a big discussion about the acquisition of a foreign language being the result of natural talent or effort. In this study from the University of Washington, evidences indicate that the amount of gray matter in the brain and the presence of the COMT gene has a great influence in language acquisition success.

Why students are turning away from learning foreign languages? – The Sydney Morning Herald

How to solve Australia’s language learning crisis – Crikey

In these two Australians articles, we have an overview of the language-learning situation in the country. Understand what is the problem faced in Australia and the possible solution.

How the British military became a champion for language learning – The Conversation

This article describes the efforts made by the British Armed Forces to teach their soldiers foreign languages. The initiative was very successful in just one year and can serve as an example as foreign language education policy for other countries.

Angelina Jolie Reveals Her Six Kids Are All Learning Different Languages –

This news is not particularly important, but it can influence many parents. The couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is a good example of parents who encourage their children to learn a foreign language, without imposing a specific language. So, be like them and support your child to learn a foreign language.

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