The best articles on July 2016 about languages

For me, the month of July brought the best news in the world of language learning. To watch TV series or movies in original version can help in the listening understanding. I already explained how I learned English watching TV and how I use films and series to learn a new language and finally a small research shows evidence that it is possible to use television to help language learning!


Not a myth: to watch series or films in original version helps language learning – ThinkBig

[Article in Spanish] – The best news of July for me! According to the research from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, to watch a series in original version with English subtitles or without subtitles helped students from intermediate level to understand the language better.

I saw a language loss happen – Loving Language

This is another great Loving Languages blog article. In this post, the author tells how the young people from the American-Somali community are losing the language of their parents and grandparents.

20 polyglot share their language learning Eureka moments – LingQ

I couldn’t no mention this article, in which I and 19 more polyglot share ours experiences when learning a new language and what were ours great revelations.

Secret to Fast Language Learning May Lie in Resting Brain Activity –

New research shows that the amounts of beta waves in the brain (brain waves linked to memory and language) influences how quickly someone learns a foreign language.

Watching the brain during language learning – ScienceDaily

This article is actually from the end of June, but it is interesting. It shows that we use structures of our mother tongue to learn new languages with similar grammatical structures.

Infant Language Learning Linked To Social Interaction –

According to this research from the University of Washington, 10 months old babies pay more attention to social interactions that on TV. What that means is that social interactions are more effective for language learning, not only the first language, but also to learn a foreign one.

The challenge of adult language learning – Oxford University Press’s

In this brief article from the Oxford University Press’s blog, Ingrid Piller explains the difficulties and conditions that immigrants face that hinder the learning of a new language.

How Much Vocab Do You Actually Need To Speak A Foreign Language? – Mezzoguild

Interesting article about an old question: how many words do we need to learn a language? In this post, Marta Krzeminska proposes a specific number to speak without difficulty.

I know which article is my favorite? What about you? What’s your favorite article?

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