The best articles on August 2016 about languages

A little bit late, but here are the articles I enjoyed reading on August!


What ISIS, the CIA, and the Mormons have in common? Languages! – Loving Language

The title of the article asks a question and answer immediately. Read in this article how completely different institutions use languages as a method of recruitment.

Learning a foreign language is like dating: it spurs anxiety – PsychologyToday

A common problem that language students face is anxiety. This article addresses the issue from the perspective of psychology.

Me and Manx: The linguistics student’s perspective –

What are the advantages of speaking a minority language in the academic world. In this short article, Erin McNulty talks about her experience and the advantages of speaking a little-known language.

How to Get Your New Year’s Resolution Language Back on Track –

In this article, Brian talks about a common problem every student faces and how to solve it. If you lost track of your language learning goals, follow the tips on this article and achieve your goal by the end of December.

When computers learn human language, they also learn human prejudices –

Linguists known for a long time that we express our prejudices through language, albeit unconsciously. With the development of the Computer Science, we now know that we pass these prejudices when teaching a language to a computer. This article explains why this is a problem and what would be the solution.

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