The best articles on September 2016 about languages

Writing in a foreign language: how to do it and why – RunAwayDaydreamer

In this article, the Greek Dimitris Polychronopoulos shares his tips on how to write in a foreign language for various proficiency levels.


How morality changes in a foreign language – ScientificAmerican

Several studies have indicated that our personality changes according to the language we speak. But, what about our morality? When we express ourselves in another language, do our moral standards change, and if so, what is the reason for this phenomenon?

Blog Life as a Bilingual – PsychologyToday

I was going to recommend one article from this blogger, but I decided to recommend his whole blog on the Psychology Today website. The articles are always interesting, present new research and perspectives in the world of bilingualism and language learning.

Learning foreign languages – Euronews

[Article from August and in Portuguese] What influences the learning of languages? Are there people with more talent to language learning? And, how is life in bilingual families?

To learn French: a step on the way to integration – LuxemburgerWort

[Article in French] The article shows how refugees are learning French in Luxembourg; see videos interviews on the learning process.

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