The best articles on October 2016 about languages

Here are the most interesting articles about languages that I read this last month.

3Fluency vs. Mastery: Can you be fluent without being good? –

I really liked this article, because it distinguishes between two concepts, that we, language learners, often consider identical. Through this differentiation, we can understand why some people sound fluent in a short time, despite their small knowledge of the language.

How to Use Translation to Learn a Language –

In this article, Luca Lampariello explains one of his learning methods and supports the translation as an effective method to learn a language. Definitely a different view from most language learners bloggers.

Is It Actually Harder To Learn A Language When You’re Older? –

Maybe not. Adults have advantages and disadvantages in comparison with children in language learning. Factors as the environment and motivation are equally or more important to learn a language than age.

The dream of lazy: it is possible to learn a language while asleep? – ActualittĂ©.com

[Article in French] Perhaps, there is hope for the lazy; listening to vocabulary in the early stages of sleep can help you to retain it. Despite being a small study, it gives hope to the lazy students.

No more language learning excuses –

The biggest obstacles to learn a language are the excuses. How about to put aside your excuses and start learning? But, before that, take a look at this article from Eurolinguiste to get inspired.

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