The best articles on November and December about laguages

After a long time without publishing a post, here is one with the best articles on November and December about languages!



Having Language Difficulties? It’s Time to Believe in Yourself – TheLinguist

What is the real difficulty people have with language learning? Learning a language is not an easy task, but it is far from impossible, but most of us fail to learn one. Steve’s thesis is that the reason behind is motivation, or rather, the lack of motivation that comes from the belief that learning a language is something very difficult.

The Best Way to Learn Another Language? From Interesting Content – TheLinguist

I believe that it is easier to learn a language with a material that is adapted to our own needs and goals. Steve Kaufmann believes in that too and here he gives 10 reasons why we should learn a language from contents that are interesting for us.

How to expand your vocabulary – Lingholic

A simple post, with a few tips on how to learn vocabulary effectively.

Discovery: to learn a foreign language thanks to hypnosis or online courses –

[Article in French] – An interesting news report with two journalists. One tries to learn Japanese with hypnosis, the other tries to learn Russian with an online app. See the result after 20 hours of “study”.

Three Simple Tips to Learn a Foreign Language Effectively –

[Article in French] – In this report, a Frenchman tells how he managed to give a lecture to Brazilians after studying Portuguese for 8 months with three simple methods.



How To Speak A Foreign Language Without An Accent – Mezzoguild

In this article, Danielle Swisher tells how she perfected her French accent, to sound like a native Frenchwoman.

Why You Should Record Yourself Speaking Your Target Language – Eurolinguiste

In this article, Shannon Kennedy gives us a valuable tip, simple, useful, but “painful” (at least for me), to record yourself talking!

Some People’s Brains Are Wired for Languages  – ScientificAmerican

There is an old discussion as to whether there are people who are more talented at learning languages. According to this article, yes, there are!

Duolingo’s clubs make language learning a competition – Engadget

The Duolingo app is becoming more and more interactive. If before, it only offered lessons, now also offers a chatbot and “languages clubs”, that allow you to compete with friends and family to see who learns the most, or, on the contrary, to motivate each other.

Read a similar article in Portuguese: Duolingo lança sistema de clubes para ‘gamificar’ o aprendizado de idiomas – TecMundo

Read a similar article in Spanish: Llegan los clubles de Duolingo para motivarse y aprender idiomas en equipo –  PrensaLibre

Say it, what language did our ancestors speak? –

[Article in French] – What languages did “Asterix and Obelix” speak? Could the French children understand anything they said? According to a team of European researchers, the combination of Vulgar Latin with Gallic is intelligible to French children.

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