The best articles on March about languages

Let’s start reading two motivational articles from the Eurolinguiste blog.

When you hate to study: how to recover from a burnout in language learning – Eurolinguiste

In this article, Shannon Kennedy gives great and simple tips on how to recover and get back to the studies, even when you don’t feel like.

How to overcome a plateau in language learning – Eurolinguiste

If you are a language student, you have certainly had to deal with the terrible plateaus, when you stop learning the language and studying it more seems to have no effect. Shannon gives precious tips to overcome this upsetting moment that we experience when we learn a new language.

Language learning: “Say it fast, fluent and flawless” – ScienceDaily

This is a short article about a study that demonstrates the importance of learning “prefabricated” phrases in language learning and how they are used by students.

Trump’s speeches are helping people learn English. Really! – Wired

Definitely surprising! President Trump’s speeches help foreign students to learn English. The reason for this is quite simple. The vocabulary of the American president is not sophisticated, he speaks slowly and repeats himself often. All these factors help English language students a lot.

Why does our personality evolve when we speak a foreign language? –

[Article in French] – This article explains why our personality changes when we speak a different language and the importance of context in language learning.

At only 6 years old, Alejandro Sanz’s son speaks Spanish, English, Russian, Chinese and Arabic! –

[Article in Portuguese] – This is news for those who like to read gossip about celebrities. Watch videos of the Alejandro Sanz’s son speaking several languages!

What does grammar do? – FluentForever

This is a great text for people like me who hate grammar. A simple text, with plenty of examples to appreciate a bit more the role of grammar in human languages.

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