Polyglot Nerd Dictionary

When I write articles, I assume that people are interested in languages ​​like me and sometimes I end up using a specific vocabulary. To resolve this problem, I made this little vocabulary compendium on the world of language learning. Of course, not everybody will agree with these definitions. If you think I should change something, write a comment below.


Accent: a characteristic pronunciation, determined by the region, country of someone. Continue reading

10 signs that you are a Polyglot Nerd

Are you an addicted? Check if you have any of these signs.

1. You can write in at least one “strange” alphabet


2. You can speak “Hi”, “Good Morning” or “Thank you” in at least 10 different languages


3. You have books in languages that you have never studied, just in case one day … you know …


4. This is the reaction of people when you start to talk about languages


5. You spend half your day watching videos on Youtube of people speaking languages you don’t understand, but think is amazing anyway


6. You know what is the Subjunctive Mood


7. You only accepts to date bilinguals, trilinguals or polyglots


8. You only watch movies in other languages


9. You feel dumb when you don’t understand a language, no matter which one


10. You have a list of the next 10 languages you are going to learn